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Yuriy Kostenko believes that the sculptors will help repair the Luhansk roads

Gallery Shmatko & Sons, Luhansk

Today, during his visit to Luhansk, of one of the leaders of the Ukrainian People's Block Yuriy Kostenko met the famous sculptor Nikolai Shmatko, visited the gallery of his works, and after that spoke on the press conference about the necessity of support of such people by the city and regional authorities.

"With the help of assistance to the revival of our cultural legacy, we can efficiently raise the economics of our country. Attraction of tourists will refill the local budgets up to 3070% depending on the regions of Ukraine", said Kostenko. Then, he explained that today he first visited the sculptor Shmatko in Luhansk because of this reason, and noticed that he was interested very much by the works of the master, that has not been adequately evaluated by the Ukrainian society yet.

"If the authorities assisted the promotion of such people, the tourists would come to Luhansk to see their works, they would pay money with which you would repair your roads", advised Yuriy Kostenko.

Gallery "Shmatko & Sons", 2006

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