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King of Marble will show the culture of the Luhansk region in Monaco

King of Marble will show the culture of the Luhansk region in Monaco.

The fact that the Luhansk region represents its talents worldwide is notable as itself. First, this contributes to its image among the other countries, demonstrates the wish of the development of the relations in the international society through the bright culture representatives of the region. The sculptor Nikolai Shmatko is one of them. His works have gained general acceptance of the international experts, who estimate the high technique of the artist, the originality and distinctness of his images created in marble. The Luhansk sculptor participated twice in the international biennale of the modern art in Florence. This time he received the invitation to participate in a more prestigious forum of the world level Art Monaco'12.

Nikolai Shmatko presents his eight famous marble sculptures "The Luhan River", "Prophet", "Worship to the Sun Disc", "Calvary", "A Girl with a Pigeon", "School Years", "Flora", and his new work - a symbolic portrait of the Princess of Monaco Charlene. By the way, this work will not come back to Luhansk. The sculptor decided to present it to the Princess as a sign of further development of the cultural connection between the Luhansk region and Monaco. And this is a good gesture. The sculpture "The Luhan River" has been put into the catalogue of the exhibition as one of the works that demonstrates the talent of the artist in full. In addition to these sculptures, Nikolai Shmatko will present his eight pictures of the modern school.

It must be mentioned that participation in the exhibitions of the world level presupposes big expenses. Today the material problem of the trip is being solved by the heads of the region the Head of the Regional State Administration Vladimir Pristyuk and the Chairman of the Regional Council Valeriy Golenko, with the help of the charity fund of support of the regional initiatives "Blagovest". Nikolai Shmatko highly appreciates this help and the mission set on him to create the foundation of the development of the cultural connections between the countries.

Gallery "Shmatko & Sons", 07.02.2012 (photos of Rafael Shmatko)

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