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King of Marble has prepared a sculpture of Bacchus for the "Red Wine" Festival

King of marble has prepared a sculpture of Bacchus for the "Red Wine" Festival.

The new sculpture of Nikolai Shmatko "Bacchus" has been created especially for the "Red Wine" Festival which became a trademark of Zakarpatye long time ago. Every year from 1996 it was organized in Mukachevo duly to the celebration of the old style New Year.

"I made the sculpture of Bacchus sitting on a wine barrel, his hands spread cheering people, and giving each person his openness and catching laughter" says Nikolai Shmatko.

According to him, his creative task was to show an image, which is strong, animated and embodying prosperity.

During the festival one can taste for free the wines of the best brands from Zakarpatye, both eminent and not much famous manufacturers, as well as buy the selected ones. Besides, the "Red Wine" Festival is a real folk holiday with Christmas carols, mummers, and prize awarding. This holiday will be even more memorable when accompanied by a mythical personage. So, let "Bacchus" cheer you up!

The "Red Wine 2013" Festival will be held on January 1214. The best wine-makers from Zakarpatye will be determined by a competent jury and a wine sampling team. The winners will be awarded with the diplomas and special prizes, which usually are: a lamb or a piglet, a barrel for a new wine, a sack of sugar or flour, etc.

Mukachevo, 04.01.2013 (photos of Rafael Shmatko)

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