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The clashing Nikolai Shmatko the author of the notorious sculptures of naked Tymoshenko and nude Yushchenko has represented today his new masterpieces among which is the bust of President Yanukovich

"Among the Emperors" and Nikolai Shmatko

The presentation of the 5 new sculptures and 10 pictures is the result of his creative work during the last two years which has been represented for public at large in his art gallery today.

His work "Among the Emperors" has aroused the greatest interest, in which the current President Viktor Yanukovich is represented. The sculptor has represented the head of the state in the form of a bronze bust in front of which he cast an iron knot.

The artist has explained how the sculpture appeared in his mind and what it symbolizes:

I took two figures those of Caligula and Alexander the Macedonian. The real times of Caligula have come: corruption of human relationships, destruction of Ukraine. I also made an emphasis on Alexander the Macedonian. New generations will appear and they will take a good look at the bust of Yanukovich trying to understand what kind of a person he was: a real monster Caligula, or Alexander the Macedonian who made heroic deeds so that they would live for ages.

As N. Shmatko puts it, the knot is the Gordian knot which Yanukovich as President is doomed to cut.

In front of his bust, I made an iron Gordian knot. When Alexander the Macedonian went to Gordon to tsar Gordey in 336 coming to know that there was a knot which nobody could untie, he thrust it with his sword. However that knot was a rope knot, while Yanukovich has an iron knot and the question is whether he will be able to cut it or not.

N. Shmatko personally invited V. Yanukovich to visit his gallery in Luhansk.

Gallery "Shmatko & Sons", 05.08.2010 (photos of Rafael Shmatko)

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