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"The Most Holy Luhansk Mother of God"

"The Most Holy Luhansk Mother of God"

The sculpture "The Most Holy Luhansk Mother of God" has been presented and consecrated today.

The sculpture has 2 metres in height and is made of marble. This presentation is of historical importance because there hasn't been a genuine local Mother of God in Luhansk today. People can come and pray near the Luhansk Mother of God. If you don't have a child for some reason you can come and ask her for it, the sculptor told.

N. Shmatko created the sculpture after a real person but finally he got, as he said, a truly divine image.

When I finished the sculpture, I felt that my helper went. I realized that the Mother of God really came from heaven. I felt a huge satisfaction while working at her, N. Shmatko said.

Magic properties are attributed to this sculpture of N. Shmatko as well as to his other works. The King of Marble says that his work "The Prophet" can fulfil wishes. However, it is not possible for everyone to withstand the look of the prophet. Some people even felt bad.

Gallery "Shmatko & Sons", 18.02.2011 (photos of Rafael Shmatko)

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